Carpet Cleaning


This cleaning is done by spray injection extraction carpet cleaning machine. This is a very effective method and is ideally suited for heavy soil carpets. In this process the detergent solution is injected into the carpet and simultaneous brushing is undertaken wherein the dirt is loosened. The rear squeezee then extracts all the dirt which is in the carpet.


For your requirement of carpet cleaning, we would be using a dry foam shampooing method, which ensures good interim cleaning without over wetting the carpet. The advantage of quick drying and availability of the carpeted room for use very fast makes this method very effective.

The foam produced by the foam generator is fed by a hose through the brush center onto the carpet and is gently massaged onto the piles by the rotating brush. This foam contains less than 5 % moisture content which encases the dirt particles, loosens them from the carpet piles and transports them to the pile surface. It generally takes two to three hours after the shampooing to obtain a dry carpet after which the dirt and shampoo residue is removed by vacuuming. It is recommended that this type of cleaning be undertaken at least thrice a year subject to use.

We have executed various jobs for leading hotels and industries in Goa, namely Cidade de Goa, Club Mahindra, Leela Palace, Unichem Laboratories, Zuari Industries Ltd. etc.