By using Aqua Mix “Marble Re-polish” which is designed to restore a factory – like shine to the marble by removing light surface scratches and re-polishing worn or etched areas. It eliminates the requirement of conventional stone polishing system and is quick to use, leaves no residue/slush while working.

Maintenance of flooring is every owners nightmare whether a commerical building, a star hotel or a residence. This difficult task is now made easy with the introduction of floor care treatments. Stone care starts right from the the source when stone is purchased and proceeds a process of fixing / installation, protection and finally maintenance.

Accordingly Ecoclean provides solutions to the end user either by protecting the stone prior to laying the stone or after the installation using SEALERS which are generally water based.

Certain floors once installed required periodic maintenance for which Ecoclean provides FLOOR FINISHES from Johnson Diversey, STONE ENHANCERS, FLOOR SHINE & HARDERNERS etc. The latest care to marble involves a system of CRYSTALLISATION which is unlike the conventional grinding methods here using a crystallisation powder or liquid. This protective treatment given to marble floors restores the marble to a Factory-like shine and makes it more harder and durable for use.

Incase of problematic cases like stains on the floors, Ecoclean provides solutions like CLEANERS & PROBLEM SOLVERS which are chemicals designed to remove the dirt and other foreign particles and give the surface an origninal look.

The above treatments can be undertaken on generally all types of floors such as kota, sandstone, jaiselmer, marble, terrazo etc. However all the above floor care is adviced to be undertaken by floor care experts inorder to avoid any damage to the surface.
Dull Marble Marble Re-Polish by Ecoclean

Some of our clients include Goa Marriot Resort, Park Hyatt, The Leela & many residential bungalows / flats in Goa.