Cleaning and Sanitization during Covid-19 pandemic

Cleaning and Sanitization during Covid-19 pandemic

1. Educate yourself on Corona/covid19

During any major health crisis, its very important to be calm and have a complete understanding of the crisis on hand and how to handle it. In the age of social media there are various information doing rounds which are half baked and could mislead people and create panic. For information and updates on covid19, we recommend the following
 a. visit for more information 
 b. Download the app Arogya Sethu to get all the information on your mobile -

2. Disinfecting buildings

Residential buildings or offices harbour millions of bacterias and should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. This is absolutely necessary to keep the area hygenic and maintain a healthy environment.

3. Disinfecting regular use products

Public or private buildings, usually attract lot of people from differnt walks of life. Many of them could be potential carrier of harmul bacteria and even covid19. Things like lift buttons, railings, doors handles, chairs, light/fan switches, wash areas, mouse , keyboards and lot other products. A regular sanitization process is much needed in this hour of pandemic and keep everyone safe and healthy.

4. Washing hands

We go around touching various things which may or may not have been infected by bacterias, hence its is important to wash your hands regularly with soap with a proper hand wash liquid or soap. If you have no access to soaps or washing liquids, it is recommended to carry a hand sanitizer every time you move out of your homes and keep your hand sanitized whenever you have touched any place which could be infected. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

5. Following proper sanitization methods

Every time you clean your house or office, its important to use fresh and clean sanitary supplies to avoid cross contamination of your place. Use of microfibre products with different color for different areas should be the cleaning norm. Mops should be washed with a good detergent every time it has been used. 

6. Prepare a cleaning schedule

Maintaining cleaning schedule is very important for every home or office. Create a schedule for cleaning the areas in your house and office and also regularly sanitize the place.

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