Tips to keep your homes clean and sanitized

Tips to keep your homes clean and sanitized

Tips to keep your homes clean and sanitized

They say “Cleanliness is next to godliness” and yes in today’s scenario cleanliness is very important. Keeping your house clean is the need of the hour.

As we walk into our homes from outside, we carry a lot of dust, bacterias and germs into the house which is the main source of infections. Not only does our feet pick up a lot of dust, our clothes also carry a lot of germs.

Seldom do we change clothes or give ourselves a wash when we come into the house, thereby spreading the germs to our sofas, dinning tables and beds. And hence cleaning becomes an important aspect of our everyday lives. With the speed at which life moves ahead, seldom do we find time to clean our homes in detailed and we restrict to just changing covers and dusting the surfaces leaving the germs intact.

With Covid-19 around, detailed cleaning like scrubbing of the floor, vacuuming of furnitures and sofas, deep cleaning of washrooms and kitchen and also cleaning of switches and also sanitizing them is the need of the hour.

Tips of clean your homes
1. Use a washed and clean mop for the floors
People tend to use the same old mop for the floor just because it still works. No it doesn’t. The idea of mopping the floor is to make sure all the germs/bacterias which we bring in from outside is cleaned. A dirty mop isn’t going to do the work. Wash the mops well after use. Sun dry it after its washed.

2. Use a good floor cleaner.
Not all floor cleaners which smells good are good. Use a cleaner which has anti bacterial properties and good fragrance is just an added advantage. It does cost a bit extra to keep your family safe and healthy.

3. Shampoo your sofas and carpets
Sofas and carpets are the homes of most bacteria, get it shampooed at frequent intervals. It will give the sofa a good feel and also keep it safe for our family.

4. Cleaning and sanitizing toilets
Cleaning of toilets and bathrooms is as important as cleaning the rest of the area in the house. This is the place which can spread infection very fast. Hence, keeping toilets and bowls clean and sanitized is a must. Lot of homes tend to ignore this area. Use a good quality scrubber to scrub the toilet and bowls.

If cleaning your home is a challenge for you, we can help you clean your home. Our services are a phone call away. We can not only deep clean every area of your house but also sanitize it so your family lives a safe and healthy life inside the house.

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